At the Foundation we are passionate about supporting the best in research into the issues affecting those with Down’s syndrome. We know that to progress to the next level we must support the next generation of leaders in DS research.

We want to see improvements in outcomes that are important to our community such as dementia, autoimmunity, autism co-diagnosis and many other areas.

Critically we want to break new ground by focussing on new and under-researched areas of science.   When new and innovative ideas are helped to flourish we can stimulate breakthroughs into the most complex areas of ‘DS science’.

Apply for funding

Currently, our grant-award programme is under development.

However, if you have a promising study or area of work you would like to discuss with us please get in touch.

The foundation wants to fund the best science and people.

Tomorrow’s DS specialists

We would like to develop a scheme to support the career paths of promising scientists into DS specialist areas.  Please sign up for updates on this exciting new venture.

Eligibility criteria

We do not support research using tissues procured from terminations.