A charity born out of a parent’s love and a passion for the very best evidence-based interventions

We are the UK’s only Down’s syndrome research charity. Our vision is a long, healthy, happy life for people with Down’s syndrome (DS) and their families.

We will bring the best scientific research to the issues affecting our community by:

  • Funding and promoting ground-breaking medical research;
  • Improving understanding of Down’s syndrome;
  • Supporting the human rights of people with Down’s syndrome and their families through advocacy.

Founded in 1996 by father Peter Elliott, the Foundation was born out a desire for the very best medical research into possible interventions to support people with Down’s syndrome.  Peter had discovered parents helping their children with DS by using a myriad of interventions and therapies.  However, he was concerned that many of these lacked evidence to support their efficacy; so much was still unknown about the biochemistry of DS.

Peter together with a small group of parents wanted change and in 1996 the Down’s Syndrome Research Foundation (DSRF) became a registered charity.

In the beginning, the Foundation and its supporters were met with scepticism and doubts that people with DS had any potential at all.  DS was considered a static unchangeable condition.  Yet, again and again, this belief was proved wrong.  Educational programmes, mapping the human genome and the discovery of epigenetics confirmed what every parent of a child with DS already knows – people with Down’s syndrome have great unexplored potential and diversity.

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There is still so much left to learn about helping people with DS achieve their best health and through this have their individuality shine through.

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