Our vision is a world where all people with DS live a long, healthy and happy life.

We understand the challenges that people with DS can face with their health, life expectancy and quality of life.  However, we believe people with DS are part of a diverse and exciting group and we are yet to discover the true depths of their potential.

Bringing our vision to life…

  • We want to give those with DS as well as parents, professionals and the public a better understanding of Down’s syndrome;
  • We can already improve the quality of life with simple advice on nutrition and lifestyle;
  • We fund research to improve our understanding and care of the medical conditions and disabilities associated with Down’s syndrome;
  • We promote equal collaboration with other charities and researchers; working for the common good;
  • We commit to an ‘attitude of transparency’ with research findings- both negative and positive;
  • We defend the human rights and dignity of people with DS, demanding equitable research funding and freedom from discrimination.

The Down’s syndrome community deserves the research innovation that other conditions and illnesses have come to expect in the last 50 years. This is how we can achieve our vision of long, healthy and happy lives for all members of our rich and varied community.

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Your donation allows us to carry out the much-needed research to help improve the lives of those with Down syndrome.