Every year at this time I find myself reflecting on what World Down Syndrome Day means to me that year.  A culmination of what our resilient community has accomplish, changed and overcome as a whole. Whether it be a battle for disability rights being fought by a small group or many, it still boils down to the outcomes that affect us all. We may not agree on everything but one thing is for sure, our advocates are putting their heart and soul into each fight. We also know, the more unified we are in battle the stronger our voice will be.

That being said we know we certainly have room for growth in how we tackle our disagreements as does anyone with a difference of opinion. My hope this coming year is we are to be wise going forward and show respect and understanding for one anothers’ views when they differ and have healthy conversations with each other and hopefully understand one another better. Perhaps we cannot understand their point of view but

more often than not, everyone is coming from a position of love.

We ALL have so much to offer and bring to the table to improve the lives of our community. Medical experience (traditional and targeted), dietary advances and knowledge (food and supplements), educational knowledge, disability rights and various support groups all come to mind as some of the areas we can share and grow in. As we are a research foundation our charity is focused on getting promising studies funded and underway that can potentially become new ‘proven’ standard therapies that with allow everyone living with DS the ability to live their healthiest life.

Essentially when we stand back and look at our community from a distance, one that spans throughout time (past, present and future), we are a living quilt. Each sewn together with threads of love, steeped in the tears of events throughout our lives whether good or bad.   A quilt often symbolises resourcefulness and moments in time. As we have spanned time, used what resources we have been afforded and been a collective covering for our community we too are all part of the patchwork of our living quilt. It is reflected in the faces, hopes or disappointment and the dreams of each child or adult on our quilt. No patch is less valuable or needed than the other and each has impacted our lives either directly or indirectly teaching us where we need to grow and where we are succeeding, “We Decide”

All of us at the Foundation wish all of you a Happy Down Syndrome Day 2020 and the very best this coming year. May we strengthen our love and support for one another as we reach for the stars for, and with all those living with DS.

Kindest Regards,