Are you interested in making a meaningful difference in Down Syndrome research? Join the GO-DS21 study, a research project  exploring the causes of obesity in people with Down Syndrome and understanding the impact of genetics on conditions related to Down Syndrome.

The GO-DS21 study is led in the UK by Professor Andre Strydom from King’s College London and Dr. Li Chan from Queen Mary University of London, both renowned experts in the fields of intellectual disabilities and molecular endocrinology and metabolism. Their primary goal is to uncover the complex connections between Down Syndrome and obesity, with the ultimate aim of improving the health outcomes of individuals with Down Syndrome.

In April Dr Corcoran from the Foundation had a chat with them on a Facebook live to better understand the study and how to get involved:

By participating in this study, you can help researchers gain a better understanding of the underlying genetic and biological factors that contribute to obesity and other conditions associated with Down Syndrome. This knowledge can then be used to develop new treatments and interventions that can improve the health and well-being of individuals with Down Syndrome but also others with Learning disabilities too.

To learn more about the GO-DS21 study and register your interest, visit their website at or email

Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals with Down Syndrome and their families.