Today the DS community and its supporters are celebrating.  The Private Members Bill proposed by Dr Liam Fox has received government backing meaning there is every confidence it will move forward successfully through the 2nd reading on the 26th of November.

The National Down Syndrome Policy Group, a coalition of leaders within the community, has been supporting Dr Fox’s office and campaigning to make this  a reality. The first fruits of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Down Syndrome the long overdue Down Syndrome Act holds great promise to improve the life chances of all people with Down syndrome.

The Founding Officers of the NDSPG who have Down syndrome prepared a short video highlighting some of the areas where they hope to see positive change in the future. Launch of The Down Syndrome Bill – YouTube

The journey of a Private Members Bill through Parliament is shown below:

The NDSPG held an informative webinar to bring the community up to date that you can view here, be sure to follow them to be notified of further meetings.

A great gathering is planned on the 26th November outside Parliament and you are invited to join the party! To learn more see the event page and let us know you can come.