Talking about Down’s syndrome? Free new language resource

A valuable new poster has been developed by a parent, Colette Lloyd, who has been working with healthcare professionals for many years.   Colette, who is also a speech and language therapist herself, clearly highlights the terminology that is preferable, assisting everyone in non offensive language.

The poster puts the person with Down’s syndrome at the forefront of the professionals’ mind saying:

“Imagine Sophie, who has Down’s Syndrome, is in the room with you, what would you say?”

Professionals often struggle to know the language that people with DS feel most comfortable about.

The poster is very reader friendly and would be well placed on any noticeboard or staff room.


The Foundation, along with eight other organisations, is proud to endorse this excellent and clear resource.  We encourage all people who work with people with DS or pregnant women to make use of this outstanding free resource.

Are you a parent? Perhaps you could print a copy and send it along to your GP, Social worker or other professional to help them put their best foot forward!

Language Awareness POSTER
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Liz Corcoran

Chair of DSRF UK