• We are a group of people, a Foundation, interested in Down’s Syndrome.
  • If you have Down syndrome, you have one extra chromosome in your body.
  • This can make your body work differently to other people.
  • You might get tired more easily.
  • You might find learning more difficult.
  • You might feel more pains.
  • You might get sick all the time
  • We look for, or Research, why this might happen
  • We look for, or Research, how to stop this happening.
  • Sometimes we will ask you to help us.
  • You can say yes, or no.
  • We will ask lots of people who have Down syndrome to help us.
  • The people who say yes will be part of a ‘trial’.
  • A trial is when we test something to see if it works.
  • We might test a pill.
  • We might ask you to have a scan.
  • Then we will know if it makes people with Down syndrome feel better.

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