A new paper is released today in the British Journal of Psychiatry co-authored by the chair of the Foundation, psychiatrist Dr Corcoran, on the needs of individuals with neurodevelopment disorders (NDDs) and the Covid-19 pandemic.  Dr Andre Strydom, psychiatrist and president of the Trisomy 21 Research Society, and Dr Anne-Sophie Rebillat, geriatrician with the Jérôme Lejeune Institute, worked together on the editorial about the issues that have faced our community since the pandemic began.

People with neurodevelopment disorders have been overlooked in many ways during the Covid-19 pandemic, for example gaps in understanding of risks, presentation of disease and outcomes.  The Foundation was please to be able to contribute data around how many other conditions (co-morbidity) and medication adults and children in our community are on via our Covid-19 and Down Syndrome survey results.

The authors highlight the issues around the care and protection of those in care homes as a priority in pandemics as they frequently fall between the cracks of the health service and social care, leading to disastrous consequences.  Issues around the clinical frailty scale and vulnerably are discussed.

Read the editorial here.