In 2006 we held the first conference for parents and professionals on Medical Research and Down’s syndrome in the UK.

Approximately 600 people attended that first conference. Since then we have held further conferences and meetings. Part of our raison d’etre is to share the latest research and knowledge concerning Down’s Syndrome. As a result, we created a DVD of content from the first conference and a YouTube channel that streams talks and papers from subsequent symposia. To date, 20,000 individuals have had free access to this ground-breaking research.

Why do we think conferences are important?

  • They help update parents on the newest research and what holds promise for the future
  • They bring together interested doctors, healthcare professionals and researchers to learn about DS and network
  • They foster an atmosphere of collaboration and transparency between the community and researchers
  • After a conference, we can share all content benefitting as wide an audience as possible. All this free of charge.

Going forward

Following the warm/huge reception to watching and learning in ‘your own time’ we would love to create more online video content. However, we need your help to support our efforts to do this!

Pragmatic until we know more

We want to help parents navigate the world of research but we know it may be some time until a true ‘gold standard’ of care is created for DS. We’d love you to feel empowered to support your child into their best health with what we do know now (including the caveats) and put some changes into practice without fear. Subscribe to our blog for the latest health reports and ideas to keep your loved one healthy.

If you think we should hold an in-person conference please reach out and tell us.