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Hoffman La Roche  :   Down syndrome research program 2012 - 2013

In 2012 -  Roche began studies of a drug (RG1662) that might help improve learning and memory function for people with Down syndrome. Roche expects to complete Phase 1 studies later in 2013. Roche's compound targets specific receptors that are involved in passing signals between nerve cells in specific parts of the brain. It is thought that some of the learning difficulties experienced by people with Down syndrome may result from an over-inhibition of signalling between nerve cells. By counteracting the over-inhibition, it is hoped the drug may lead to improvements in memory function and learning. 

The Downs Syndrome Research Foundation has agreed to join the Roche Advisory Board.

Peter Elliott represented the DSRF-UK at the initial Roche Advisory Board Meeting on March 12,  2013.

This meeting was held at the Roche research facilities in Basel, Switzerland. 

We are in contact with the Head of this research program and we can ask questions and make suggestions.

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