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Why we need your support

World-wide there are millions of people who have Trisomy 21. This is the most common cause of intellectual disability at birth, and it gets the least funding for research. This must stop...


The backbone of our work is the premise that people with T21 also deserve the innovation and improved research techniques seen in other conditions and illnesses over the last 50 years. This should be regardless of the screening programmes offered, however precise.  We do not see antenatal screening as a 'treatment' for T21.  For many years investigating, understanding and treating T21 has just not been a economic priority.  These issues were recently discussed in the New York Times in an article by Dan Hurley.

In 2011 we hosted an important conference gathering world experts in T21 and Alzhiemers.  The presentations are available for viewing on our Youtube channel.  We support a multidispinary approach to researching T21, essential to translating lab work and animal models into treatments for human lives.

Translation medicine is the practice of researching the use of medications and therapies already in safe use with a particular population in new illness groups e.g. using dementia medication on people with T21.  There are clearly some avenues for using this approach with T21 and particularly drugs targeting the identified abnormalities of neuronal functioning in T21.

'Cross over' research describes the research disciplines in conditions or diseases relevant to the general population e.g. Alzheimer's are liaised with respect to T21.  We act as the interface with this 'mainstream' research and lobby for the T21 population to be investigated.  The usefulness can be seen by many in the fields as clearly 'clues' lie in the T21 affected group that may unlock treatments and therapies for the whole population (leading back again to help the T21 group).

Informed to make choices

We are sympathetic to parents' fear to proceed with a T21 pregnancy and we feel very strongly that they need the most up to date information about the great improvements in quality of life available to children born with T21 in this century.  This is goes closely with our research aims so that we also produce a booklet, Bright Beginnings for new parents.  We hope to refine this booklet further and interface with other organisations to share resources.  We do not seek to replicate the work of national organisations and do not offer a on going support service to families but signpost people to the appropriate organisations.  Where appropriate we work with other research charities to promote T21 research.

Be a part of making history

Even if there is no one in your family that has Down syndrome you could have a loved one who will see a great benefit from this important research.  Its that important not only to children and adults with Down syndrome, but also to the whole human race.

These children and the adults cannot ask for your help currently-  but one day they will know what you have done for them and thank you.

There are about 700 babies born each year in the UK who have Trisomy 21.  In the USA there are about 4,000 of births every year and about the same number in Europe.  Millions of families are affected, this research is desperately needed - and yet it is dreadfully under funded.

We have the international researchers who know the research needed NOW!  However we need financial support to get the research underway.  Every kind gesture, every small collection or personal cheque will enable us to move our research forward.

100% of every donation is used to get the research underway.