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06/21/13 at 01:55 PM | Published Under General by Peter Elliott

If you can't find that information please let me know and I will get back to you.   Our objective is to have the information you need on our website.   We don’t just talk about research, we know what research is important and we ask the best researchers to help get it underway.  Then we help get it organized.

Peter and DavideMy  youngest son David has Down syndrome, he was born in 1985 and is now age 30. There are pictures of  David throughout our website at various ages.  David is quite proud to be a man and is quick to correct anyone that treats him like a child and will tell them “I am a Man”.   I like to know what he thinks and what he wants and at an early age I asked him;  “Do you want to be special or do you want to be ordinary?”   He always answered “Ordinary”.    So it has become my job to get him that ordinary life that we all take for granted. 

When I hear organizations talking about our  “special children”,   I hope they are referring to the strength of character of these children,  their courage,  their perseverance,  their bravery and their determination in the face of difficulties to succeed.   I hope these organizations are funding research and are looking for the day when  life will be easier and we will have the medicines and the therapies these children and adults need  to have a long  and very ordinary life.

Within our website you can find research that was thought to be impossible just a few years ago.  Technology and human genius know no boundaries, what we lack is the funding - which is only about  5%  of what it should be based on fair share of the funds for research.  We can complain about this situation or we can fund this research for our children. Is there any better investment than our childrens health and future?